0xWarriors is a multiplayer RPG where a team of five warriors fights another team of five warriors. It’s made by 0xGames, the same game studio that made 0xUniverse. The DGaming.com aficionados will remember that my review of 0xUniverse was largely positive, with two main gripes: apart from buying planets and launching spaceships, there wasn’t all that much to do in the game, and its Ethereum gas fees were incredibly high, sometimes costing as much as the planet you were buying or spaceship you were building.

0xWarriors doesn’t have either of these problems. Firstly, it runs on the EOS and TRON blockchains, so there are no gas fees to worry about. One of the 0xGames developers said in an interview that, different from their previous games, they wanted to combine several blockchains to allow users of different blockchain platforms to play the same game. As such, they won’t stop with EOS and TRON, but are likely to connect to other popular blockchain platforms too.

Secondly, the game isn’t entirely decentralized. The combat mechanics, battles, and warrior upgrades are processed on a centralized server. Trade and the creation of new items happens on the blockchain. This makes for a significantly better user experience: players no longer need to sign off on every action and they still have digital ownership over their in-game assets.

Thirdly, the combat is 0xWarriors’ main focus. It’s not a digital collectible game. You collect items and create new warriors to become better in battle. I always believed this is a much more sustainable approach to creating a successful DGame. Creating and collecting digital collectibles is a passive form of entertainment that’s far less engaging than actively using those collectibles. As such, 0xWarriors is a really fun game. In fact, it’s one of the better DGames available today, and I’m hooked.

This is what you see after you log in

When you first open up the game, you can decide to play the game as a guest or you can register to become a user. There’s no need to connect a wallet during either of these steps. You can try out the game without needing to spend any money, which is a great plus. It’s only when you want to buy gear for your warriors that you’ll need to connect a wallet in order to spend EOS or TRON.

However, when you do want to connect a wallet, you need to keep this in mind: Most DGames run on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s why most DGamers have MetaMask installed. To play an EOS game, you’ll need a different crypto wallet. For the web version of 0xWarriors, you can either install Scatter for EOS or Tron.Link for TRON. For the mobile app, you’ll need to install Meet.One for EOS. It’s not yet possible to link a TRON wallet to the 0xWarriors mobile app. I installed the desktop version of Scatter to play 0xWarriors through their web app, and it worked perfectly fine.

The backup team I play with when I have to wait for my best team to finish a championship

When you click the play button, you’ll notice that you can have three separate teams to play with. Each team consists of seven warriors: five active warriors and two reserve warriors. Each team has two formations: three warriors in front and two in the back or two warriors in front and three in the back. This matters, because your front warriors will receive most attacks. You want to make sure your strongest warriors are up front, shielding your archers and mages from attacks.

0xWarriors differs from other DGames in that the warriors themselves aren’t digital collectibles. Generating a new warrior is a single click away and won’t cost you any money. Newly generated warriors will have wildly different looks, but that’s the only way they differ from one another. Each new warrior is exactly as strong as any other newly generated one.

My strongest warrior (in gray because he’s out fighting in the arena)

You decide the path a warrior will go down on by equipping them with different weapons and armor, by distributing their skill points differently, and by giving them different skills. This can be done in the inventory tab. Each warrior gains experience in battle, which will eventually allow them to level up. Each consecutive level will give you three skill points to distribute.

Constitution determines the health points of your warrior. Strength determines its damage. Dexterity determines damage if your warrior has a bow equipped, determines evasion, and makes them faster to attack. Intelligence determines damage if your warrior has a staff equipped and determines who they’ll attack. Generally, you’ll want your front warriors to be high in constitution and strength, your archers high in dexterity, and your mages high in intelligence.

Whenever a warrior levels up, you’ll need to choose between one of three skills too. Some skills add HP, others add damage, others allow your warriors to carry more, and so on… There’s a wide variety of skills and you’ll increasingly need to weigh the pros and cons between skills as your character becomes stronger.

From left to right: a higher evasion chance, the ability to carry more, or better defense against magic

Apart from skill points and separate skills, you’ll want to equip your warriors with the best possible equipment. Initially, you’ll get your equipment by completing certain tasks. For example, you’ll receive guild armor (which my warrior Nodex is wearing in the screenshot above) when you win ten solo battles. You can complete one such task a day.

You can also buy a chest of items. There are four types of chests to buy in-game: common, reinforced, nephrite, and golden. Each chest has a higher chance of getting a better type of item. The nephrite chest, for example, has a 5% chance of a legendary item and a guaranteed epic item, while the common chest only has a 0.2% chance of a legendary and no chance of any guaranteed rare or epic item.

The different types of chests in 0xWarriors

But these chests are expensive. They’re $50, $100, $200, and $1,600. You don’t get much either: the common, reinforced, and nephrite chests only give three items. Let’s put this in perspective: you can buy Red Dead Redemption 2 for $40 and receive an immersive, well-built world that you can lose yourself in for hundreds of hours, or you can pay $50 to 0xWarriors and receive three items, quite likely common ones too. Don’t get me wrong, 0xWarriors is an excellent DGame, but that doesn’t mean such prices are in any way justifiable.

Luckily, there’s another way to buy items: buying them from other players. However, the side effect of chests being expensive is that it drives up the price of individual items too. That makes sense too. If you’ve paid $50 for three items, and you want to sell one such item, you want to recoup as much money as possible. A few items are for sale below 1 EOS ($6.47 at the time of writing) but you’re quickly looking at 3+ EOS (around $20) for any item that’s of rare, epic, or legendary rarity.

Items start at 0.5 EOS and quickly ramp up to 3+ EOS

There aren’t that many items for sale either. In fact, compared to most other DGames, it doesn’t seem that 0xWarriors has that many items at all. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing, for two reasons. Firstly, it makes each item more valuable. A legendary sword will make your warrior significantly stronger than nearly all other warriors, as befits a legendary sword. Even a rare item will make your warrior better than most.

Secondly, I don’t think it’s a bad thing because the items you equip your character with are properly displayed on the character in the inventory and in-game. This isn’t the case for most DGames, where characters will look the same regardless of the armor you equip them with. Not so with 0xWarriors. Equip them with golden armor, and that’s what you’ll see them wear in-game. Extremely cool. If that means the developers need more time creating each new item, then that’s something I’m happy to wait for.

It makes battles in 0xWarriors so much better. In a glance, you can see how well-equipped the enemy team is, and marvel at their weapons and armor. You’ll understand why your attacks don’t seem to do much damage to the front warrior heavily clad in armor. Or why the archer with the shiny bow seems to do so much damage.

Fighting (and losing) against a well-equipped enemy

There’s no interactive element to a battle in 0xWarriors. You can watch your warriors fight the other team in 1x, 2x, or 4x the speed. You can also immediately skip to the result, but I found the battles exciting and fun to watch. As a nice touch, the final attack, the one that decides the outcome of the battle, happens in slow-mo. It’s satisfying to see the arrow of your archer pierce the enemy’s armor in slow-mo.

Remember when I said that warriors can be created in a single click, at no extra cost? That has consequences during battle. When one of your warriors loses all its health points, it’ll be sent to the infirmary. This doesn’t really mean anything; you’ll be able to use that warrior again immediately afterward in the next battle. However, a warrior that loses all its health points also runs a small risk of dying outright.

Dying is permanent in 0xWarriors. Your character won’t come back. You’ll only get back the items you equipped them with. But you’ll have to start from scratch with a character that’s level one. I’ve lost a few characters level 10 and higher, and it’s painful. The higher a warrior’s level, the higher the chance they’ll die if they’re defeated in battle. In fact, a warrior’s risk of dying is 1% on level one, plus 1% for each consecutive level, up to 20%. A warrior level 16 has a 16% chance of dying when it’s defeated in battle.

This can be countered somewhat with the “Death Deceiver” skill, which reduces the chance of dying by 5, 10, or 15%, depending on the level of the skill. Regardless, dying is real in 0xWarriors, and it makes battles tense. If warriors were digital collectibles, this wouldn’t have been possible. After all, you can’t remove assets that have been confirmed and placed on the blockchain. I think it’s a great choice to make warriors expendable, as battles have a lot more impact now.

Solo battles aren’t the only battles you can participate in. You can also participate in Arena battles, where four players compete against one another, as well as Tournament battles and Championship battles. You need a ticket to enter a tournament battle, which costs 0.8 EOS ($5). You can join championship battles for free, but they’re only every two days. However, for every victory in a championship battle, you’ll get a lottery ticket, which gives you a shot at winning a chest full of items.

I won three lottery tickets but didn’t win the lottery, unfortunately

Considering these different battle modes, there’s no reason not to have three separate teams to play with. One to fight in the arena, one you send to a Championship battle, and one you fight solo battles with as you wait for the other battles to complete.

0xGames is getting better with each consecutive game they develop, and 0xWarriors is their best game to date. It’s beautifully designed, fun to play, and addictive. There aren’t many DGames that are as good as 0xWarriors. As it stands today, you can get pretty far in the game without needing to spend any money. I’d encourage anyone interested in entering the blockchain gaming world to give this game a try. You won’t be disappointed.