Blockchain game developer 0xGames has just announced the launch of a presale for 0xWarriors on the TRON blockchain. After the successful launch of 0xUniverse, and the 0xWarriors EOS presale, the 0xGames studio now turns to TRON blockchain with the aim of expanding the 0xGames’ player base.

A Brief History of 0xGames

In June 2018, 0xGames launched their first game, 0xUniverse. After that, the team released its second game, 0xWarriors. The first 0xWarriors presale occurred on the EOS blockchain and was supported by various industry projects, including EOS, DappRadar, and Meet.One.

After a successful EOS beta launch, 0xGames shifted their focus to other blockchains, including TRON. TRON's ability to withstand more than 2,000 transactions per second played a significant role in 0xGames’ decision to run 0xWarriors on their network.

All 0xWarriors chests will be 50% off during the TRON presale

The 0xWarriors TRON presale started yesterday, January 24. Users can purchase Common, Reinforced, Nephrite and Golden chests. We should point out that all TRON presale chests will have 50% off. The TRON presale will last to February 14.

What Is 0xWarriors?

0xWarriors is a multiplayer RPG with elements of combat, strategy, and tactics. In 0xWarriors, players control their team of 5 warriors and compete with other players for power and glory.

Players can upgrade their warriors by earning XP, or by equipping them with items. Each warrior is unique, and the value of each warrior is determined by both performance and appeal. Players can create up to 10 teams, and each team can consist of melee warriors, archers, and mages.

This allows players to form aggressive, balanced and defensive teams and deploy them in battles as they see fit. Depending on their class, warriors can carry armor, bows, swords, and wands.

What About The Gameplay?

Warriors have several stats, including strength, damage, resistance, etc. Winning a battle gives you a chance of earning ability points, which you can then assign to warrior’s individual stats. Warriors also receive perks after every 3rd level up, meaning that their power scales significantly with every 3rd level.

Two 0xWarriors teams battling it out till death!

Since the game features both melee and ranged units, you must strategize accordingly, with tanks up front, and arches and mages in the back lines. Note that items boost certain stats, which can also give you an edge over your enemies.

0xWarriors also features private and public tournaments, where you can compete with the best players in the game. Private tournaments consist of 8 players, and all participants must purchase a participation ticket. Public tournaments are held on a weekly basis. Such competitions hold no limits on the number of players and don't require participation tickets. Both private and public tournaments reward participants with various prizes.