A game development studio, 0xGames, has announced its candidacy as an EOS block producer. As an EOS block producer, the 0xEOS team would take an active part in the evolution of the EOS governance layer and leverage their expertise of working with EOS DApp developers and communities in order to help EOS reach mass-adoption.

0xGames + EOS

The 0xEOS team believes that, for distributed ledger technology (DLT) to become successful, two conditions need to be met:

  1. Platforms need to be both scalable and flexible enough to meet current and future standards and demands (for DGame and DApp development). 0xGames believe that EOS is a platform that meets this goal.
  2. There needs to be a channel strong enough to push DLTs to mass adoption; the 0xEOS team believes that gaming is the perfect channel for this particular goal.
0xGames seek to become an EOS block provider

Interaction Between The Two Goals

0xGames is a company that develops games on the EOS blockchain. Effectively, they're also the ideal candidate for the EOS block producer project, for they stand at the crossroads between the EOS platform and gaming. The team is actively engaged with the EOS community, and already has three EOS-based games in their portfolio; 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors and 0xBattleships.

The company values fairness to the community, open-source coding, and transparency to stakeholders. The team is also well-equipped, both in terms of skill and technology, to create ecosystems on the EOS platform that would benefit players, developers and content creators alike.

Sharing The Same Values

The 0xEOS team has been an active member of the EOS community for quite some time now. They know the ins and outs of the EOSIO software and also have deep expertise in developing and scaling DApps on the EOS platform.

0xEOS uses advanced technology to deliver an optimal experience to its users

The 0xEOS team, which consists of a tech-savvy group of early adopters of cryptocurrencies and DLTs, would focus on sharing their knowledge with the rest of the community. This would not only enrich the EOS community as a whole but would also lower the entry barrier for those who aren't yet familiar with the EOS platform.

Utilizing Block Producer Rewards

According to the 0xEOS, the strength of the EOS platform lies in its strong and loyal community, as well as in its block producers. The 0xEOS team would, therefore, build upon these two pillars and leverage block producer rewards for marketing and developing more DApps on the EOS platform.

In doing so, they would follow and respect the three pillars of the decentralized technology: open source code, fairness to community and transparency. If you believe that the 0xEOS team would be an excellent addition to the EOS block producer list, feel free to vote for them via this link.